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Why Bother With a Maintenance Plan?

hvac-technician-maintenance-on-outdoor-unitIf you read every air conditioning repair blog on the internet, you’d be convinced that your air conditioner was going to break down tomorrow due to a leak you didn’t know about, or some complication with your compressor that you never saw coming.

Our goal isn’t to make you paranoid that every day you turn on the AC is a new day for a potential problem. At the same time, in our hearts, we can’t neglect to inform HVAC system owners that maintenance is a crucial responsibility.

At the very least, a good maintenance plan is going to make maintenance worth your while by throwing in some good benefits.

Discounts on Repairs and Diagnostics

You’re only supposed to get AC maintenance once, maybe twice a year. So what good is it to be in a maintenance plan for the rest of the year?

Maintenance is great for preventing problems and keeping things running smoothly, but it can’t prevent freak accidents or unseen repair issues. But a good HVAC contractor in Riverside, CA isn’t going to overlook that fact and tell you “too bad, it happens.”

Maintenance plans worth signing up for will have percentage-off or dollar discounts for normal repairs, diagnostics, and similar services. If you’re paying for a maintenance plan, it only makes sense that you’ll be taken care of during the whole year, not just once or twice a year.

Extended Warranties

Sure, your AC will have its standard set of manufacturer warranties, but those are only for specific circumstances, and some warranties only last up to 5 years. Plus, going through the manufacturer for all your problems is kind of a pain.

A worthwhile maintenance plan will offer extended warranties for any of the repair work down on the system. This makes sense for a couple of reasons. First, if you or the manufacturer are not the ones doing the repairs, then it makes sense for the repairman doing the service to be held accountable for anything that goes wrong! A maintenance plan drastically extends this warranty period with them.

Second, it helps build a relationship with your HVAC repairman. Just the same as you rely on one doctor to keep your medical history, it makes sense to have the same HVAC contractor accountable for any future problems your AC might face.

Priority Service

If the need for repairs does arise, it’s probably going to be pretty bad, given that it wasn’t prevented through normal maintenance. At that time, would you rather have someone over to fix the problem immediately, or would you rather be put at the bottom of the list? If it’s in the middle of summer, we can assure you that it’s going to be a long list.

If the plan is worth getting, a good maintenance plan will give their members top priority for their repair needs. Combine that with the previously mentioned discounts and extended warranties, and you’ll be cool again in no time with very little inconvenience on your part.

RKM Heating and Air Conditioning provides the highest quality for the best value. Learn more about the Comfort Club today to find out how we can keep you cool all year round with a comprehensive maintenance plan.

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