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Duct Repair and Replacement in Riverside, CA

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An important part of our business model here at RKM Heating and Air Conditioning is helping homeowners in the Greater Riverside Area understand the importance of all the components of their HVAC system. That includes the ducts, which people often overlook. We provide high quality service for duct repair and replacement that will ensure your HVAC system works its best.

  • Every installation is a custom installation
  • We never “up-sell” or sell a service that isn’t needed
  • Our technicians are among the most highly certified in the IE

If you suspect you have ductwork issues requiring repairs or replacements, reach out to us right away in Riverside, CA. We’ll find out what your HVAC needs for peak performance. We’ll always provide you with honest, upfront pricing.

Done right, priced right. RKM provides the highest quality, for the best value.


When Should I Be Concerned?

Speaking very generally, you should start to consider your HVAC system’s overall condition the moment that you notice anything out of the usual with its operation. However, you should also keep in mind that many issues with your heater or AC may be the result of a range of problems. There are a few warning signs that can more strongly suggest an issue with the ducts, though.

  • Increased utility costs, as conditioned air leaks out your system and it has to work harder than it should.
  • Decreased indoor air quality, as pollutants make their way into the ducts and are distributed throughout the house.
  • Hot and/or cold spots throughout the home, as the ductwork servicing those areas is leaking air into potentially unconditioned spaces.

Duct Repair Is a Job for Professionals

There are a few methods that we employ in an effort to repair your air duct system. In many cases, applying a mastic that will harden as it dries, creating a strong, bonded seal, is going to be possible. In other cases, though, more involved repairs may be necessary. This could mean removing sections of damaged or corroded ductwork and replacing them, or it could mean redesigning the layout of the system.

In other cases, repairs are not going to be your best option. Replacing large sections of your ductwork, or even the whole system, may seem like an extreme length to go to. In certain instances, however, it will help you to avoid the need for frequent repairs, leaving you to essentially replace the system anyway, but just in a more drawn out fashion.

We Can Handle Your Duct Replacement the Right Away

Pretty much any professional HVAC technician is going to be able to install air ducts. It is, after all, a common part of the job. There is a difference between microwaving food to a safe internal temperature and eating out at a 5–star establishment, though. When we replace your ductwork, you are going to receive a system optimized for peak performance and efficiency levels in your home.

Ductwork should, and really must, cater to the home in which it is installed. That is why we take our clients’ comfort goals, overall home efficiency, budget, and property layout into account when engineering your new ductwork system. Allowing corners to be cut is not going to benefit your duct replacement in Riverside, CA in any way.

Done right, priced right. RKM provides the highest quality, for the best value.

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