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Riverside, CA Ductless HVAC Systems

Have you ever bemoaned the fact that you need to have an independent heating system in your home, despite the fact that our winters are so mild? If so, then the following information is for you. The fact is that you can use a unique and effective HVAC system—the ductless mini split—to both heat and cool your home. Even more surprising is the fact that this versatility is really just the beginning of the benefits that they offer.

RKM Heating and Air Conditioning is here to help our clients find the right air conditioners and heaters for their homes. When you allow us to install those systems, they will be designed for and engineered with your specific property in mind. We install and service many HVAC systems, but are seeing more and more interest in ductless mini splits in Riverside, CA. If you suspect that this type of system may be the solution to your home comfort needs, give us a call.

What Is a Ductless Mini Split?

While there are cooling–only models of ductless air conditioning systems, most homeowners choose to go for the heat pump model, which doubles as a ductless heating system. In order to manage both the heating and the cooling of your home, the ductless mini split functions much like a traditional air–source heat pump. There is one major exception, of course, in that no air ducts are used in the heating and cooling process.

Ductless mini splits feature indoor and outdoor units, but the difference between heat pumps and central air conditioners is that the heat pump, including ductless systems, can reverse the flow of its refrigerant and the function of its coils. In the summer, refrigerant is evaporated in the indoor coil, absorbing heat before being condensed outdoors and releasing that heat. In the winter, heat is drawn out of the air outside and, after further compression of the refrigerant, is released indoors.

But Why Go Ductless?

Okay, you may be thinking, it works like a heat pump. So why go ductless? There are a lot of benefits that you can enjoy with the use of a ductless heating and air conditioning system in Riverside, CA that other systems cannot match. The unique design and function of the ductless mini split really sets the system apart in these ways.

Perfect for retrofits. Older homes that may have predated centralized air conditioners may not have space needed for ductwork, while other homeowners may just want to streamline the installation of the system. A ductless mini split uses wall–mounted blowers, connected to the outdoor unit via a small conduit, to deliver heating and cooling to the house. This makes the installation very straightforward and convenient for existing properties.

  • Incredible Efficiency. Our goal with this company is and always has been to help our clients out. One of the best ways in which we can do that is to help you boost energy efficiency in your home— and being Energy Upgrade California®–certified means that we know our stuff! A ductless mini split system uses little energy when heating thanks to its heat pump technology, but the elimination of ductwork also eliminates the risk of air loss via leaky ducts.
  • Zone Controlled Comfort. Different people are comfortable at different temperatures, so it really doesn’t make sense to heat and cool your entire house, even sections rarely in use, to the same temperature throughout. A better option is to use a ductless mini split system, with blowers controlled independently of one another allowing you to maintain different temperatures in different areas of the house.
  • Improved Air Quality. When air ducts leak—a common problem that usually goes on for too long before homeowners catch on—it is not just air escaping those ducts that you have to worry about. It is also pollutants getting in! With ductless mini splits, you don’t have to worry about dragging your indoor air quality down due to leaky air ducts.

Schedule your ductless mini split installation, repair, and maintenance services with the pros here at RKM Heating and Air Conditioning.

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