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Temperature Zoning in Riverside, CA

Imagine if you were house hunting, and you finally found the perfect abode. The price is right, there are good schools in the area, and it looks like an ideal match. There is just one catch. You only have the choice between turning every light in the house on, or having it be enveloped in darkness. Chances are that, if you really wanted the house, you’d immediately start looking for a solution to this odd lighting situation. Now, we know that you don’t have just one light switch in your house.

But what about the thermostat? If the idea of using just one light switch to light up every area of your home sounds absurd, then why is it that we are so content to use just one centralized thermostat in order to regulate temperatures throughout the house? This often does not result in the level of success that we all deserve, and RKM Heating and Air Conditioning has a solution. Contact a member of our home performance team today to discuss temperature zoning in Riverside, CA.

What Is Temperature Zoning?

Temperature zoning is a service we offer that will help to break your home up into different temperature zones. Rather than use just one thermostat to set a temperature that will be maintained throughout the entire house, the use of a zone control system allows you to maintain different temperatures in different areas. Each of these temperature zones is regulated by its own independent thermostat, eliminating the need to heat and cool every room to the same temperature.

The thermostats wire into a central control board, as do the dampers that we will install in your air ducts to facilitate the temperature zoning of your home. These dampers open and close as needed, with the system modulating airflow in order to prevent excess pressure and other issues from developing. You cannot just completely close off manual vents to achieve the same goal. An expertly designed and installed zone control system, compatible with your HVAC system at large, is needed.

Let Us Design, Install, and Service Your Temperature Zoning System

Every facet of the zone control system, from its design and engineering to the location of its thermostats, demands professional attention. Not all older equipment will be a good candidate for zoning, and a poorly designed and installed temperature zoning system in Riverside, CA is going to do much more harm than good. When we design and engineer systems for our clients, the job is completed with their specific homes in mind.

Now, these systems are quite reliable, and a basic inspection at the time of routine HVAC maintenance will determine if yours is still functioning precisely as it ought to. That does not mean, however, that you will never encounter problems with your system. You may notice hot or cold spots developing, spiking energy costs, and other issues that suggest trouble is brewing. If you need temperature zoning system repairs, our technicians can figure out precisely what is wrong and will resolve the problem successfully.

Done right, priced right. RKM provides the highest quality, for the best value.