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Whole–House and Attic Fans in Riverside, CA

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There are more ways to help your home stay cool than just running a central air conditioner. Whole-house fans and attic fans can cool your house less expensively than an AC, and they can benefit you in other ways as well. RKM Heating and Air Conditioning is here to provide you with all the information and service you need to take advantage of these home additions in the Greater Riverside Area.

  • We provide the highest-quality work at the best value
  • We warranty and show all our work, from repairs to installations
  • Our technicians are among the most highly certified in the IE

We have technicians with NATE, HERO, and ACCA certification, so they understand the best ways to keep a home both cool and energy efficient. They’re ready to answer any questions you may have about installing whole-house and attic fans, and they also offer repair and maintenance service. Call us today in Riverside, CA to get started with energy efficient alternatives.

Done right, priced right. RKM provides the highest quality, for the best value.


What Are Attic and Whole–House Fans?

There is often some confusion regarding whole–house fans and attic fans, specifically in what differentiates one from the other. Perhaps the simplest explanation is that an attic fan ventilates the attic only, while a whole–house fan functions as a primary cooling system that runs during the cooler times of the day. Both serve to ventilate the house, which helps to maintain great indoor air quality, but you should discuss your options with trained professionals to determine which is right for your needs.

Whole–House Fans

The whole–house fan is mounted between the living space and the attic, running when temperatures outside are cooler—during the nighttime and early morning hours. Fresh air is drawn into the house through opened windows, while stale indoor air is pulled into the attic. This cooler air supplants the hot air that is in the attic, forcing it out through the vents in the roof.

Attic Fans

Attic fans work during the hottest time of the day in order to prevent superheated air from building up in the attic. With the sun beating down on your roof and heat in your home naturally rising, the attic can become incredibly hot. Obviously, you’re not hanging out the in the attic. The point is not to make it a more comfortable place, though. It’s to prevent heat transfer through building materials from raising temperatures in your living space.

We Install and Service Whole–House Fans and Attic Fans in Riverside, CA

Whether you want a whole–house fan installed to help keep your home cool naturally or you need an attic fan installed in your attic space to mitigate extreme temperatures therein, you need to hire trained professionals to ensure that the job is done right. You’ll have no doubt about that when you work with us. Our NATE, IAQ, and Energy Upgrade California®–certified technicians will help your home to excel in its overall performance.

If you notice your energy costs spiking, strange sounds coming from your fan, or any other irregularities developing, contact us right away. While routine whole–house/attic fan maintenance will keep your system running as reliably as possible, no system is 100% dependable. Catching problems early on and complete prompt whole–house/attic fan repairs is definitely in your best interest.

Done right, priced right. RKM provides the highest quality, for the best value.

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