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Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators in Riverside, CA

Because modern homeowners are so concerned with energy efficiency (for a variety of reasons), our first instinct when it comes to our homes is to seal them up as tightly as possible. That’s all well and good for your energy efficiency and the costs related to energy consumption. However, this also seriously limits the amount of natural ventilation in the house, which is not such great news for the indoor air quality therein. In fact, it is actually detrimental.

As an indoor air quality-certified company, with technicians holding IAQ certifications as well, we know what your home needs to balance energy efficiency with indoor air quality. In many cases, the answer is to use a heat recovery ventilator or an energy recovery ventilator in Riverside, CA.

What Are Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators

HRVs and ERVs are really just mechanical ventilators with a twist. They contain a heat exchanger. This allows them to transfer heat between airstreams, and that allows them to help ventilate your home effectively without wasting the energy that you’ve used to heat or cool the outgoing air. It’s an ingenious way in which to get the most bang for your buck in terms of energy efficiency.

Basically, during the summer, the HRV or the ERV will transfer heat from the fresh, but hot, incoming air to the outgoing and stale, but cool, outgoing air. This precools that incoming air so that your AC doesn’t have to work quite as a hard. In the winter, when venting out low–quality, but warm, air, your ERV or HRV will use the heat in that outgoing air in order to pre–warm the incoming fresh, but cold, air.

So Do I Need an HRV or an ERV?

You probably noticed that we used the terms heat recovery ventilator and energy recovery ventilator interchangeably above. That’s because, when speaking strictly of temperature, the systems do pretty much the exact same thing. Contrary to what many first think, the heat recovery ventilator is used year round, not just during the heating season. The major difference is the fact the ERV can transfer humidity, in addition to heat. It allows the 2 airstreams to intermingle just enough for doing so.

Some people assume that living in a hot and humid and humid climate would automatically necessitate and ERV, while others would assume that living in a temperate climate means an HRV is all that is needed. The question of energy recovery vs. heat recovery is one that can have unexpected answers, though. Factors including insulation and overall home efficiency will influence the decision. We’ll make sure that you understand your options and that you have the right system for your needs.

Let Us Install and service Your HRV or ERV in Riverside, CA

Like any whole–house IAQ or HVAC equipment, your ERV system or HRV system is going to need to be professionally installed, repaired, and maintained. We have everything necessary to ensure that your system gives you the best performance possible. Remember that our technicians are here to help, first and foremost. Whatever you need to improve energy efficiency, boost indoor air quality, or live more comfortably in general, we’re here to help.

Done right, priced right. RKM provides the highest quality, for the best value.