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Riverside, CA Air Conditioning Maintenance

Installing an air conditioner will change your quality of life. If you’ve spent some time in Riverside with a new AC, you know what we’re talking about. But that’s just the first step. In order to keep your air conditioner running at a low cost, and to keep it free of repair issues, you’ll need to care for it—just as you would for a car or your own health. That’s where air conditioning maintenance comes in.

From ductless AC maintenance to central AC maintenance, RKM Heating and Air Conditioning is the expert you can turn to so you can keep your system in good working order. Not just our company, but each of our technicians holds preventive maintenance certifications. Air conditioning tune ups require knowledge of all AC brands, a careful eye for attention, and experience.

Get your AC tune up from none other than a professional of all things HVAC. Contact RKM Heating and Air Conditioning today to set up an appointment.

Any AC Will Benefit From Maintenance

No matter what kind of HVAC system we’re dealing with, there’s one thing that remains true: they will not stay efficient unless they are regularly maintained. After all, air conditioners are finely-tuned machines—each part must operate in top condition if it is to fulfill its potential for efficiency. All it requires is a simple AC tune up once or sometimes twice a year.

Depending on what kind air conditioner you have, they’ll require different approaches to maintenance.

Central AC Maintenance: Aside from tuning up the system itself, central air conditioners also need to have their duct systems inspected occasionally. Ducts need to retain a tight seal to maintain air pressure and keep your AC operating efficiently.

Ductless AC Maintenance: Ductless heat pumps have unmatched efficiency, drastically lowering operational costs for homeowners. Of course, it will only stay that way if it receives proper maintenance. Maintenance is especially important for ductless AC since it consists of multiple units.

Even though Riverside isn’t as hot as other parts of the nation, it’s still important to get air conditioning tune ups regularly. Maintenance is a preventive service that catches problems before they happen.

Sign Up for Our Comfort Club Service Maintenance Agreement

No matter what, it’ll be up to you to schedule maintenance for your AC. But what if you could at least be rewarded for doing so? In a way, that’s what a service agreement is. Our Comfort Club Service Maintenance Agreement pays for itself (and then some):

  • Lifetime warranty on repairs performed by our team.
  • FREE Service/Diagnostic fees.
  • Discounts on home comfort products and repairs.
  • Priority service.
  • And much more.

If you sign up now, you can start earning credit toward a new HVAC system for each year that you remain a member. This will create a substantial reduction in costs when it becomes time for your unit’s replacement. You can learn all the details of our maintenance plan on our Comfort Club Service Maintenance Agreement page.