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It Might Be Time to Replace Your Heater If…

heating-replacementIt’s true that winter is already over. And it’s also true that we live in the “always sunny” Southern California. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t subjected to cold nights that linger on through spring.

While we’re in this last phase of the heating season, you might turn on your heater for some particularly cold nights. During this last stretch, it might be worth it to evaluate your heater’s performance up to this point.

And don’t think that it’s too late to think about a replacement—replacing your heater now will be much more convenient than trying to replace it at the beginning of the next heating season.

That’s why we invite you to think about your heater while it’s still fresh in your mind. It might be time to have it replaced if…

It Was Costing More Than Usual This Season

Did you notice your heating bill gradually rising this last winter? A gradually rising heating bill can sometimes be the sign of an aging system.

A sudden and drastic spike usually indicates a repair problem, but that can easily be fixed by calling in for repairs. What we’re talking about is when your heater has received its usual annual maintenance but still seems to be costing you more and more than usual.

As long as your family hasn’t drastically increased their usage of the heater, there’s a reason to believe that the system itself could be to blame.

It Wasn’t Heating Like It Was Supposed To

When you’re cold and waiting for the heater to kick in, you might feel as if the heater is “taking forever.” Of course, after ten or fifteen minutes, you’re feeling warm and you’ve completely forgotten about your moment of impatience.

But that doesn’t mean your senses are lying to you. If you felt like your heater was taking much longer than usual to heat up, or that it rarely reached a comfortable level of heating, it might not just be you. Underperformance is a very real sign of an aging heater.

You’ve Been Needing Annual Repairs or More

Our blog has many posts about HVAC system repair issues, but that doesn’t mean heater repairs should be commonplace. It’s not healthy for your heater to need repairs even so often as once per year.

It wouldn’t be surprising to find that a heater in need of frequent repairs is also suffering from any of the other issues on the list.

It’s Getting Old

One of the most reliable signs that an HVAC system in Riverside, CA replacement is its age. At the same time, we don’t mean to suggest that a heater of a certain age will abruptly become incapable of heating your home.

Rather, ask yourself how old your heater is. If it’s between 10 and 15 years old and it’s experiencing some of the repair issues on this list, then that’s a reliable sign that your heater is declining with age.

Of course, if your heater is “old” but still performing just fine, don’t let us stop you from enjoying it!

If you suspect your heater needs replacement, contact RKM Heating and Air Conditioning today.

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