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Common Reasons Why You Have an Underperforming AC System

Monday, August 23rd, 2021

Summer can really start to take a toll on your air conditioning system. If you’ve noticed that your air conditioner is underperforming now, we want to be here to give you the help you need. We’re the experts in everything air conditioning repair in Riverside, CA.

Of course, we want to be here to help you fix your underperforming air conditioning system. It’s a great idea to take a step back when you run into issues, though. Reflecting on how these issues happen is the best way to make sure that the issues never happen again. We’re prepared to help you with whatever you need.

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AC Problems You Might Run Into At the Height of Summer

Monday, August 9th, 2021

With August here and the temperatures high, your air conditioner might run into problems and fail to cool your home properly. Some of the most common issues that you can expect here include lack of cooling power, releasing warm air, using more energy leading to high electricity bills, short cycling, etc. You may also experience fan issues, which can lead to insufficient airflow inside the unit. This can cause a number of problems, such as compressor failure. 

With temperatures rising, these problems can interfere with your comfort and prevent you from getting that much-needed relief you need to escape the heat. 

Why do these problems happen, though? And what can you do about them? Here we discuss some of the most common reasons why your AC might run into issues. Let’s begin.  

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