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It’s Time for a Furnace Inspection

Fall is a popular time of the year for scheduling heater maintenance. Our team can visit your home and check your furnace inside and out to make sure everything is working and in good condition. There are many benefits to scheduling furnace service in Riverside.

Prioritizing the service now instead of putting it off until winter means that you get a more convenient service appointment. The cooler the weather gets, the more calls we get for service. You can keep reading to learn more about why fall is a great time for a furnace inspection and why you need to prioritize the service now.

Benefits of Fall Furnace Inspections

Perhaps the greatest benefit of scheduling a fall tune-up for your furnace is that you’ll have peace of mind for the rest of the heating season that your furnace will work at its best. If we inspect your furnace and everything is working great, that is the best case scenario. 

If we inspect your furnace and find things that need to be fixed, we can address those needs so they don’t cause problems in the weeks and months ahead. Basically, a fall furnace inspection reduces the likelihood that your furnace will break down during the winter. Whether your furnace is older or newer, there could be problems inside the unit beginning to develop. 

They could cause a breakdown this winter season, next winter season, or even years from now. The only way to prevent serious problems is by addressing the small concerns consistently over time. That means scheduling a furnace inspection every single year. If you didn’t schedule one in the spring, you need to schedule one now before winter sets in.

What Happens During a Furnace Inspection?

A furnace inspection is an opportunity for our team to take a look at your unit top to bottom and inside and out. We want to make sure that all components are tightened, well lubricated and working together effectively to heat your home while using as little energy as possible. 

The first things we check include the air filter and burners or igniter, depending on what type of furnace you have. We may turn your furnace on and listen to see how it is operating. After that, we wipe down the inside of your furnace to get rid of any soot or dust and tighten any parts that are loosening up.

Our next step is to lubricate any gears and make sure components can work together smoothly. We will also check the outdoor portion of your unit to make sure that the exhaust area is clear. We can clean the outdoor unit just like we clean the inside unit since it is exposed to the elements and weather all year long.

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