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What the Furnace Booming Sound Means

Of all the sounds that you could hear coming from your furnace, a booming sound is one of the most dangerous. Aside from causing a lot of problems for your furnace, booming sound can also be very alarming when you hear it. 

It’s a problem you want to get addressed right away by scheduling furnace repair in Corona, CA. If you give us a call soon enough after hearing a booming sound, we can fix the problem and prevent additional damage to your furnace. Keep reading to learn more about why a furnace booming sound is potentially dangerous for your home and family.

What Causes a Furnace Booming Sound?

When you have a gas furnace, heat is produced by an open flame igniting gas inside of an airtight chamber to create heat. That heat then transfers into the air that blows into your home. Exhaust left over from this combustion process channels outside of your home, separate from the clean, heated air.

If the flame does not light in time or too much gas releases into the chamber before ignition it can cause a small explosion in the heat exchanger. Your furnace does have safety mechanisms designed to control the amount of gas going into the chamber as well as the timing of the flame. 

But there are instances where these safety mechanisms fail and something goes wrong. For example, your ignition may be clicking to ignite unsuccessfully. The resulting explosion puts enough pressure on the heat exchanger to cause a loud booming or sometimes rumbling sound.

What Should I Do if My Furnace Booms?

If you hear a booming sound come from your furnace, you need to call and schedule service right away. Ideally, you should turn your furnace off completely so that the booming sound does not continue every time your heater tries to turn on for a heating cycle. 

Allowing the problem to continue could add a lot of strain to your heat exchanger, making it crack. If your heat exchanger cracks even just the tiniest amount, the damage cannot be repaired. Your entire furnace will have to be replaced because gas and exhaust air can leak out into your home.

Next Steps

After you call for furnace service, our team can check out the problem and see if it is one that we can fix. As long as your heat exchanger is not damaged we can get your furnace working again. If the booming caused your heat exchanger to crack, we will talk to you about your options for upgrading your furnace to a new model. 

If your furnace is still relatively new and covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, that may cover some or all of the related repair or replacement costs. There are terms that you have to meet as a homeowner to maintain your manufacturer’s warranty though. 

One of those terms is completing annual professional maintenance for your furnace. This is one reason it is so crucial to schedule an annual tune-up for your furnace, even when it seems like it’s working great. When something does happen, you want the manufacturer’s warranty to kick in and cover the costs as much as possible.

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