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3 Obvious Issues With a Heat Pump Installation

Did you know that how your heat pump system gets installed can impact its functionality over its entire lifespan? This means that you want a team who will take extra care in installing your heat pump perfectly so that it has the best chance for energy efficiency and a long lifespan.

And we are that team! If you need heat pump installation, we are here to help. We are the experts in the area and we know that a heat pump can be highly beneficial for your family when installed correctly. Keep reading to learn more about the three common issues we see with heat pump installation and why they matter.

Unit Size

The first issue with heat pump installation begins long before the actual installation day. And that is the size of your heat pump unit. We have to take several factors into consideration when choosing a heat pump for your home. One factor is the overall square footage, including whether or not you have higher ceilings. 

Then we want to consider the climate zone to determine whether or not your heat pump needs extra power to stand up to extreme temperatures. We take these calculations and then look at the range of heat pump sizes that will work for your home and choose a unit that best fits your needs. 

If you have a heat pump that is too large, it will end up short cycling because it can cool your home down too fast. A heat pump that is too small will end up working around the clock, staying on longer than it should in an effort to cool your home without ever being able to achieve those results.

Space Around Unit

Another common installation problem that we see is a lack of space around the outdoor unit for your heat pump. Ideally, you want 24 inches of clearance around all sides of the outdoor unit. This is important because the outdoor unit releases heat from inside to aid in cooling. 

If your outdoor unit is too close to your home or other debris, like bushes and yard decorations, heat can get trapped and cause the unit to overheat. It also makes it more likely that your outdoor unit will get dirt and small pieces of debris inside. The more space that we can put around your outdoor unit, the better.

Refrigerant Charge 

There is also a just-right level of refrigerant charge that you want to achieve. If the refrigerant charge is too low, your heat pump will never be able to stand up to your cooling needs. Instead of cooling your home, the coils will wind up frozen, ultimately blocking airflow and causing even more problems.

And even if the charge wasn’t low during installation, there’s a chance that the refrigerant lines were not installed correctly, allowing leaks to happen and lowering your refrigerant charge over time. Our goal is to take our time during the installation process and get the job done right. We want to achieve that just-right level of refrigerant charge and secure all of the lines so that they are completely airtight. This way, you don’t have to worry about low refrigerant charge or leaks down the road.

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