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Why Do AC’s Break Down at the Worst Time?

ac-repairIt seems as though air conditioners are always breaking down at the worst possible times…what’s up with that?

Well, there’s a very logical explanation for it: Your air conditioner can take on a lot of damage and dirt over the months. Then, during the hottest time of the year—when the AC is being pushed to its limits—all that cumulative wear and tear will finally cause a serious problem to develop.

If you don’t want to become one of our air conditioning repair customers in Corona, CA this summer, we suggest having your AC checked before the season starts. All it takes is a quick maintenance check to prevent problems from things like:

The AC is Too Dirty

An air conditioner that hasn’t been properly cleared of dust and dirt is at risk for overheating or malfunctioning. That’s why it’s important to get a thorough maintenance check before every summer. A few of the components that can be affected by dust include:

Air filter: The air filter’s job is to prevent dust and dirt from entering the system, but if it becomes too clogged, it will restrict airflow. This can cause a range of issues that may contribute to your CA overheating and tripping the circuit breaker.

Condenser coil: In the outdoor unit, you have the condenser coil. This set of copper tubes is designed to release heat. Too much dust or debris in the unit can insulate the coil, creating an overheating issue.

Evaporator coil: When the indoor unit’s coil gets too dirty, it will surprisingly have a completely opposite effect—it gets too cold and freezes over! This ultimately restricts airflow, offsets the balance of refrigerant, and can contribute to compressor problems.

The AC is Too Old

Once an air conditioner hits about ten years in age, you should start keeping an eye on its performance. From this point onward is when it starts developing a much stronger possibility for having mid-summer breakdowns and other issues. Combined with the heat of summer, overheating or a breakdown is much more likely.

Depending on the condition of the unit, replacement might even be on the way. Some of the signs include increased cooling bills, lowered performance, and more frequent repairs.

Problems Exacerbated by Lack of Maintenance

Any small problem in your air conditioner can be made much worse over time if it’s not resolved with maintenance. For example, if an odd noise suddenly develops during the air conditioner’s operation, you might be tempted to let it keep running. Perhaps the problem will just disappear on its own?

In reality, that noise could be the start of a serious repair issue, such as a failing compressor, a damaged blower fan, or something else. A quick maintenance check can help resolve these issues before they get worse. It’s not uncommon for these problems to finally reach their limit during the hottest time of the year.

Worried that your air conditioner is in danger of breaking down this summer? Contact RKM Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule an AC maintenance check!

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