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It’s Never Too Late to Call for AC Repair

ac-boyzWe know that it’s fall here in Murrieta now. The weather hasn’t exactly cooled off, but you’ve probably had the chance to layer on a little more outwear than normal and there’s no doubt that you’re already seeing Halloween decorations in stores. The cool weather is already on your mind. This isn’t an excuse to neglect your air conditioning services though.

If you noticed that the last month or so has been really rough with your air conditioner, it might be time for you to schedule air conditioning repair in Murrieta, CA. Now is a great time to do so. You might just think that you can wait until next spring to take care of any problems, but knocking out issues now will ensure that you’re completely prepared when the temperatures start to heat up.

Get in Touch with Us When You Notice the Following

Call us at the first sign of these problems happening in your home:

Short Cycling

This is one of those issues that homeowners let drag on for way longer than they should because it seems benign. Short cycling is a problem that erodes your air conditioner faster than any other issue. Short cycling is when your system turns on, runs for a short amount of time, stops, and then starts up again shortly after. You’re simultaneously hurting your air conditioning system and raising your AC bills.

High Air Conditioning Bills

Speaking of raising air conditioning bills, are yours seemingly out of hand? We know it gets hot here in our area of Southern California and we know that you can expect to have your AC bills peak in late August and early September, but your air conditioning bill should never hurt your pockets too much. If your bill is sky high, it’s time to call in our team.

You Can’t Get or Stay Cool

Does it feel like a full-time job getting your home to cool off or attempting to get your home to stay cool? It shouldn’t be this way. Your air conditioner should to the brunt of the work. If you’re always running to your thermostat to turn it down or if you’re running your air conditioner endlessly, it means that you’ve got a problem with your AC unit.

This is Why You Always Need Professional Service

We’re a professional team of air conditioning technicians, but we’re not divorced from reality. We know what it’s like to want to sidestep professional service because you want to avoid the hassle or the price tag. What if we told you that you could avoid both and still get top-notch professional service with our team? We’re a group of individuals committed to providing Murrieta homeowners with the best work possible. We’re not going to nickel and dime you—we’re going to provide you with amazing service all for an affordable price.

Contact RKM Heating and Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment with our team. We’ve got all the expertise you need to keep your home in great shape.

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