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Don’t Procrastinate When It Comes to AC Repair

hvac-technician-maintenance-on-outdoor-unitTrust us when we say that the last thing you want to do is procrastinate on your air conditioning repair services. It doesn’t matter the severity of the problem or how long it’s been going on—take this as your sign to pick up the phone today.

We know it’s pretty late in the summer here in Riverside, however, you also know that our summers stretch long into fall and even early winter at times. You’re going to need your air conditioner to stand strong for a little while longer. Procrastinating will only make your air conditioning problems even worse or more severe. Call our team when you need air conditioning repair in Riverside, CA. We’re the team that’s going to do the job right.

Call Us Urgently If…

It’s time to call the professionals on our team when you notice any of the following happening in your home.

You’ve Been Struggling All Summer

Take a moment of honest reflection here—have you been struggling with your home’s air conditioner this summer? Let’s define what we mean by “struggling” here. If it’s been hard for you to get your home to your desired temperature, difficult for you to keep your home at your desired temperature, or if it’s been hard for you to cool off your home for a reasonable price then it’s time for you to contact the professionals on our team. Getting your home cool shouldn’t be a conquest. It should be a reasonable task.

Your Air Conditioner Runs in Irregular Cycles

Your air conditioner should run in regular cycles that aren’t too close together. Your air conditioner shouldn’t cycle more than every 30 minutes, but it also shouldn’t run for long amounts of time exceeding an hour. If you’re noticing that the cycles are a little “off” it’s time for you to contact the professionals at RKM Heating and Air Conditioning today. We know how to fine-tune air conditioning systems so that homeowners can get the best air conditioning function possible.

You Hear Loud Noises

You shouldn’t really hear much of anything when you turn on your air conditioning system. At most, you should hear a soft clicking noise when the air conditioning system turns on or off and maybe the sound of air moving through your vents if your home is really quiet and you’re listening very closely. You shouldn’t hear sounds like rattling, grating, banging, squeaking, or squealing. If you’re noticing sounds like this, it’s time for you to contact our professionals. We’ll get your air conditioner back in shape in no time.

You’ve Got Low Airflow

Do you have to run your air conditioner for super long periods of time? Do you constantly run over to your thermostat to turn the temperature down? It might be time for you to change your focus to your airflow. You might notice the symptoms of low airflow before you actually notice the airflow problem. Our professionals will be by your side when you need great air conditioning services. Make sure that you contact our professionals today.

Contact RKM Heating and Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment for our air conditioning repair services.

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