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5 Signs You Should Upgrade Your Heater


All good things must come to an end and, eventually, you’re going to need to upgrade your heater. If this day has come much sooner than you thought and you’re ready to upgrade, then our team is ready to assist you. We’re the right HVAC contractor in Riverside, CA for you. You can put your trust in us because we’re expertly trained, licensed, and experienced to match. We know how important it is to pass this knowledge along to you as well.

You can come to us from the first moment that you consider a heater. We can help you determine if it’s really time to upgrade your heater, choose the right heating system, and install it too. 

When to Upgrade

The first thing you need to know is when it’s time to upgrade. Here are a few signs that your time has come.

Reason #1: Your Unit Is Old

Your heating system can last you about 10-15 years. If your heating system is within this age range or even nearing this age range, then it’s time to start thinking about your exit plan. It’s always best to plan ahead rather than letting your system get to the point where it fails you. 

The tricky thing about upgrades is that you typically do this after about 10 years. Things update during this time period and we’ll get you up to speed on the latest and greatest in the industry. 

Reason #2: Your Repairs Are Expensive

Are your home’s repair needs becoming more and more expensive? This is a problem. Repair work should be reasonable. If the frequency of your repair needs is increasing and the cost of those repairs is also increasing, then it’s time to schedule an appointment with us. You’re putting lots of money into a system that’s proven itself to be inefficient and ineffective. 

Reason #3: You Notice Odd Noises

Are you hearing odd noises when you run your heater? Of course, your heater isn’t ever going to be completely silent. This doesn’t mean that you can excuse loud, new, or persistent noises though. Any noise like this is a cause for concern and should be addressed with a professional.

Reason #4: Your Heating Is Uneven

You turn on your heater in the morning and your bedroom is boiling hot in no time. Your living room though? It’s glacial. These types of temperature disparities shouldn’t exist in any home. If you’re noticing them then it’s time to consider an upgrade. This is especially true if temperature imbalance is somewhat a new thing in your home. 

Reason #5: You Notice Irregular Run Times

When we talk about irregular run times, we’re speaking about both short run times and long run times. Short or long run times are going to result in low efficiency, low heating output, and difficulty staying warm. We’re here to help you with these irregularities. We can pinpoint the source of these problems and fix them for you. 

Contact RKM Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment for heating replacement. Done Right, Priced Right. 

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