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What’s an AC Compressor and Why Is It Important?


If you’ve found this blog post, it’s more than likely because you’re having trouble with your air conditioner and want to understand the issue before you have a professional solve it for you. This is a great approach! If you’re having air conditioning trouble and you’ve found that your air conditioner’s compressor is the culprit, trust us, it’s not the end of the world. We can assist you in everything that you need to know.

If you want AC repair in Temecula, CA, we’re going to be the team of professionals you want to turn to. We’re professional and we’re educated so we understand what to do to get your air conditioner in the best shape possible.

What’s a Compressor?

If you’re like most people here in Temecula, then you probably have a split air conditioning system. Split air conditioning systems are the standard air conditioners that most homeowners rely on to cool their homes. They work by circulating refrigerant throughout the system. This is how the air conditioning unit cools off your air.

This is often confused with how an air conditioner is powered. When you’re thinking of an air conditioner needing “power” you’re thinking of the electrical aspect of this system. That’s where the compressor comes in.

A motor powers the compressor. The compressor compresses refrigerant in its gaseous form and then raises the temperature of this refrigerant it transforms into a high-pressure gas. Once it’s here, the pressurized system forces the refrigerant through a line that leads outdoors. Once it arrives at the coil in your AC’s outdoor unit, it releases its heat and then condenses into a liquid. After this, the refrigerant returns to its gaseous form and then absorbs the heat in your home. Then the cycle begins all over again.

Do You Need Repair Work?

As you probably realized from the description above, your compressor is a really important part of your air conditioning system. It’s one of the major catalysts that kicks off and then maintains the cooling process. You’re not going to be very cool in your home with a working compressor in your air conditioning system. So how can you know if you need repair work?

Watch out for refrigerant leaks! We live in a hot, desert climate here in Temecula that puts an air conditioner to the test. The summers down here in Southern California can be quite hard on an air conditioning system. If your unit wasn’t prepared to handle the toll of the summer, then you’ll notice that your air conditioning system might spring a leak or two. Don’t “recharge” or “top off” your home’s refrigerant. Instead, make sure that you come to our team of professionals to really repair your system. You need a team of conscientious professionals that are going to do more than just give you touch and go work that will leave you needing another professional next summer. We’ll solve the issue at its core.

Contact RKM Heating and Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment with our professionals. Done Right, Priced Right.

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