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3 Quiet Signs of AC Problems

Sometimes AC problems are obvious, but other times they are not. Some air conditioning issues are completely silent. It is important to be able to identify quiet air conditioner problems so that you can address them sooner rather than later. 

You can keep reading to learn more about three of the most common air conditioner problems that are quiet, if not completely silent. Then give our team a call to schedule an air conditioner repair in Murietta if you suspect that your air conditioner is having one of these problems.

Lack of Airflow 

Your air conditioner can have a couple of different airflow problems. The first is a general lack of airflow coming out of the vents. When this happens, you can hold your hand up to any air vent in your home and not feel much air coming out. The air may be cool, but the stream of air will not be strong. 

This is detrimental to cooling because without a steady stream of airflow blowing out into your house, the temperature will never change very much. For some reason, cold air is getting trapped inside your ductwork. It’s possible that there is a blockage or there are holes in your ductwork that are allowing cool air to escape before reaching your home.

The other potential airflow problem is that strong air is blowing out of your vents, but it’s not cool. When this happens, the airflow problem lies with your refrigerant lines and evaporator coil. Your refrigerant lines may have a leak, or the evaporator coil may be freezing over and blocking the lines from cooling down the air adequately. 

If this happens, our team can get down to the root cause of evaporator coils freezing and fix it. If the problem is with your refrigerant lines, we can repair any damage and recharge the refrigerant levels to be adequate for cooling.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

It’s also possible that you have poor indoor air quality. This points to more of a problem with your ductwork than your air conditioner itself, but it’s still all tied together. Poor indoor air quality can mean there are high dust levels in the air or you are getting sick more frequently. First, you want to check the air filter on your air conditioner to make sure it is not clogged. 

A clogged filter can allow dirt to get into your air conditioner and reduce indoor air quality. The other reason for poor indoor air quality is your ductwork being damaged and allowing dust and dirt to mix in with clean air. No matter what the problem, you want to get it fixed and then have our team clean out the inside of your air conditioner and the ductwork so you can have a fresh start.

Bad Odors

Your air conditioner should not ever produce bad odors. A musty odor can point to mold or mildew growth somewhere within the system. A burning smell can indicate that you have electrical problems or that components are grinding together instead of operating smoothly to cool your home.

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