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Everything to Know About the New AIM Act

In 2020, the United States government issued the AIM Act, which was designed to reduce the use of potentially harmful AC chemical refrigerants. The goal is to lessen HVAC systems’ impact on the environment, and it’s a really positive step overall.

But as a homeowner, it can mean spending thousands more to upgrade your existing older air conditioner to a newer model. You can keep reading to learn more about the AIM Act and how our team can help you maintain your older air conditioner safely. If it is time for an AC upgrade, we can schedule you for a Riverside air conditioning installation.

Environmental Impact

The US issued the AIM Act in 2020 with a goal of reducing HVAC impacts on the environment by 85% gradually through the year 2036. Incremental changes should make it easier for HVAC companies, homeowners, and business owners to make adjustments without one single major change. 

Now that we are in 2024 the expected reduction of impact to the environment is 40%, meaning that we are nearly halfway to the goal of an 85% reduction. This means that AC units have their percentage less of an effect on greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. 

Keep in mind that changes like these are not exclusive to the HVAC industry. Other industries or products impacted by these efforts include:

  • Refrigeration
  • Aerosols
  • Fire suppression
  • Foam blowing

Making new AC units better for the environment means reducing the CO2 emissions produced by units. Aside from chemical refrigerants, electricity consumption also leads to CO2 emissions. Having a more energy-efficient air conditioner means that less electricity needs to be used for cooling a home. Less electricity consumption means a lower impact overall on the environment. 

What the New Legislation Means for Homeowners

Unfortunately, more efficient AC units are more expensive to install. As additional requirements go into effect, air conditioners will inevitably get even costlier. We anticipate that air conditioners will cost homeowners around $2,000-$3,000 more for installation. 

This means that maintaining your older unit is increasingly important if you want to get more lifespan out of it before making an upgrade. Keeping up with monthly homeowner maintenance and annual professional maintenance can add years of life to your air conditioner. This gives you more time to plan ahead before investing in a new AC unit when the time does come. 

Tips for AC Maintenance

We recommend that you pay close attention to any potential AC problems – bad odors, unusual sounds, and changes in operation can all point to issues with air conditioner operation. When you identify and address AC problems early, they are easier to fix. 

Keeping up with professional maintenance is another great way to ensure that your AC enjoys a long lifespan. Aside from the signs listed above, it’s also possible that your AC has festering problems that aren’t obvious yet. Our team can catch and fix these problems early before they leave lasting damage to the unit. 

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