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How to Avoid Holiday Heating Trouble

We’re in the middle of November now and you know what that means—the holidays are right around the corner. The next month or so is going to be filled with family, presents, and general holiday cheer. It’s one of the best times of the year no matter what you choose to celebrate. Don’t you want to stay comfortable in your home all winter long? It’s possible and we can help you achieve it.

If you’ve already noticed a little budding heating trouble going on in your home, it’s time to schedule an appointment with our professionals. Heating repair in Riverside, CA doesn’t have to be hard when you employ the professional heating technicians from our team. We’ll make sure your holiday season is as cozy and cheery as possible.

How to Prep Your Home for the Season Ahead

Wondering how you can get your home ready for the long, cold winter season ahead? Schedule an appointment with the professionals on our team.

Schedule an Appointment When Necessary

You need to schedule an appointment ASAP when you notice a heating problem in your home. We know that scheduling a heating appointment isn’t always ideal. Sometimes you don’t want to be without your heater even for a second, you might not want to spend extra money when you weren’t anticipating it, or you might not want to go through the hassle. It doesn’t have to be a hassle when you come to our team though. Watch out for these problems:

  • Loud noises (rattling, banging, grating, squeaking, etc.)
  • High heating bills even when you run your system normally
  • Trouble getting warm or staying warm
  • Low indoor air quality (high amounts of dust, poor smelling air, sneezing, coughing)
  • Short cycling

Call us if you notice any of these issues.

Don’t Skip Out on Maintenance (It’s Not Too Late!)

If you haven’t already scheduled an appointment with a professional team it’s not too late for you to do so. Sure, it might seem like it’s a little late because the temperatures outside are already cold, but it’s technically still Fall, and Fall is the ideal time for heating maintenance services.

Maintenance is one of the best ways for you to invest in your home comfort. Maintenance makes sure that all your moving parts are well lubricated, everything is in line, and your system is clean. This is how you’re going to get a highly efficient heating operation that really keeps you warm.

Consider a Thermostat Upgrade

Do you feel like your heater just isn’t performing how you want it to although you seem to do everything to keep it in the best shape? Maybe you’ve had your heating system repaired in the past and you always go out your way to schedule a maintenance appointment every fall. The problem might not actually be the thermostat itself. It could actually be your home’s thermostat system. Upgrading to a smart thermostat could be the best option for you. Come to our team and we’ll guide you through the process. We only work with reputable brands like Nest.

Contact RKM Heating and Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment with our professionals. Done Right, Priced Right.

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