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Furnace Installation


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A new properly installed and sized air conditioning that fit your home starts at the beginning. “Bigger isn’t always better” and the only way to know what system with properly work in your home today’s new technology is to preform a Manuel “J” calculation of your house. This will determine the proper heating load, energy savings for your house hold, better humidity control and air flow. RKM Heating and Air Conditioning Technicians will then Show you options that best suit your family environment and the properly matched systems to achieve “AFUE” (annual fuel utilization efficiency)

Sq . Ft. alone is a very small factor in the right sized system and going solely on this may result in more energy cost, less comfort and decreased life expectancy.

RKM Certified Technicains

Furnace installation

RKM is A NATE certified HVAC contractor , Which means we care about being the best, educated in the industries standard for technical excellence. We don’t stop there. Our technicians are trained on a constant biases to provide the most out of your new air conditioning system installation so that we can provide you with the best air conditioner installation available. RKM Heating and Air Conditioning is C20 certified in HVAC service repair and installation for  residential and commercial properties.

RKM Provides solutions for your home and gives you options to better choose what works for you. We can provide the pros and cons for each type of system and energy ratings that fits your needs and budget. We Offer multiple brands so that you have choices and can be properly educated for decision.


A manual “J” is important but is the first step to a properly heating/ Furnace installation system. RKM follows strict manufacture installation instruction and quality furnace installation guidelines to achieve the highest possible quality installation available. Following these rigorous steps is a bit of a process and may additional time to the job, but that’s also why RKM heating and air conditioning can stand behind there work and craftsmanship. It is alot of work and there is no easy way around a quality furnace install.

Have it done right the first time!


Don’t forget about your Furnace and air conditioning comfort system. Your Furnace system is most likely the 2nd most expensive appliance (compared to your air conditioner)  in your home and provides you with the comfort you expect in your home.Just like your automobile it requires regular maintenance to keep it running properly and efficiently. RKM Heating and air wants your investment to last. Lets face it, its in your best interest and ours that you system work properly and your warranties stay valid. We want you to be happy and comfortable with your decision knowing that we will stand behind our work for years to come.

Comfort Club Maintenance is great way to do this.


98% Furnace Variable-Capacity Gas Furnace

80% Furnace Variable Speed Gas Furnace

80% Gas Furnace
( 4.7 )
( 4.7 )
( 4.3 )
Energy Efficiency Up to 98.7% AFUE 80% AFUE 80% AFUE
ENERGY STAR® Certified
Stages of Heating Modulating Two-Stage Single-Stage
Quiet Operation SilentComfort™ Technology and Fully Insulated Cabinet SilentComfort™ Technology and Sound Absorbing Insulation Steel Cabinet
Motor Variable Speed Variable Speed PSC
Enhanced Humidity Control
Blower Compartment Insulated Insulated
Air Filter and Humidifier Compatible
Ultra-Low Continuous Fan

Furnace Installation

Gas Furnace Features

Each brand of furnace offers a similar array of key features, depending on price. The furnace features most often highlighted in product literature for furnace installations are generally the ones found on the higher-efficiency models, but some manufacturers also offer them on premium versions of low-efficiency furnaces.

Variable-Speed Blowers
These can deliver air slower, while often making less noise, when less heat is needed. That produces fewer drafts and uncomfortable swings in temperature.

Variable Heat Output
Available on some furnaces that have a variable-speed blower, this feature can increase efficiency and comfort by automatically varying the amount of heat the furnace delivers, usually between two levels. The furnace can thus deliver heat more continuously than could one with a fixed heat output.

Air Filtration
Fitting a furnace with an electrostatic filter, which uses an electrical charge to help trap particles, or a high-efficiency particulate-arresting (HEPA) filter can reduce the amount of dust blown through the heating system. That might help people with asthma or other chronic lung diseases, but there’s little evidence that other people need such filtration.

Dual Heat Exchanger
Heat exchangers are the components that draw heat from the burned gas. To draw more heat from the air they burn, energy-efficient furnaces supplement the primary exchanger with a second exchanger. Because the exhaust gases in that second exchanger might yield a corrosive acidic condensate, the second exchanger is made of stainless steel, lined with plastic, or otherwise protected.

Ignition System
Fewer and fewer furnaces have a pilot light—a flame that burns continuously, awaiting the next command to ignite the burners. Furnaces with intermittent, direct spark, or hot-surface ignition do away with the constant pilot light in various ways. That increases efficiency and is usually reflected in a furnace’s higher AFUE rating.

Zoned Heating
This feature uses a number of thermostats, a sophisticated central controller, and a series of dampers that control airflow to deliver different amounts of heating or cooling to different parts of the home. The larger the home, as a rule, the more useful zoning is. That’s especially true if sections of the home have different heating or cooling requirements, because of wide variations in the number or type of windows, for example. But contractors we interviewed said that furnaces connected to zoned ductwork generally require more repair.

Basic, usually low efficiency, furnaces often have a shorter warranty than their premium counterparts.



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