Commercial HVAC Services

RKM Heating and Air conditioning provides service commercial properties. wheter you are the Owner, Property Management or Leasing, RKM can provide you the service you need.

RKM Heating and Air Conditioning in Riverside, CA, is a licensed C20 HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) contractor providing services to businesses in the inland empire. Understanding how your system works inside and out, from installation, service and maintenance RKMs NATE certified trained technicians are among the highest quality, with a honest, upfront policy you can rest assure that we are the only choice for your comfort needs.


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Factors in Life Expectancy of a HVAC System

  • Proper Installation 54%
  • Maintenance 40%
  • Brand 6%

Our Customers

  • Maintenance Customers
  • Duct Cleanings
  • Installations

Some Of Our Services

Repair Services

Proving HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning) repairs on units up to 15 ton. Our NATE certified Technicians arrive with full stock service vehicles to get the job handled as quickly as possible. Experienced in service and installation along with repair, we understand the systems back and forth.

Your $89 Diagnostic will include arrival of the technicians and an easy to understand full report of the issue/s of the system along with any pictures that applicable to your system. Our upfront digital price book ensure non over charging for repairs and allows you to make proper decisions on which is the best solution for your needs.

Our Preventive Maintenance Agreement customers receive a free diagnostic and priority service along with discounts.

See Preventive Maintenance for more details


Our team is more than capable on installing your new system whether its a full new add on, replacement of an existing system, or engineered from the start. Our FREE onsite evaluation will allow us to custom design a package that fits your need and wants while maintaining your budget. RKM has multiple brands so that you can have more than one option

We have a full array of split system products and choices to choose from. Whether you need all electric system (heat pump), gas fired units, Air handlers (blower), furnace, Make up air exhaust fans RKM can provide what you need from start to finish.

RKM Provides solutions for server rooms, small offices, additions and more, by utilizing these high energy efficient systems. No matter  the size of the project 1-30 rooms these systems can provide a quick and non evasive installation.

Front start to finish RKM Heating and air conditioning we can provide you with a cost effective ducting system and a high quality install. From engineering, design to installation we have the answer for you.

Our professionalism and quality work has even earned us the right to work o our suppliers properties over the rest.

No matter the type of air flow distribution you may need, we are here to get the job done.

  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Flex ducting
  • Spiral ducting
  • Roof Top ducting
  • Rectangular ducting
  • Exposed ducting
  • Wrapped ducting
  • Exhaust ducting

RKM provides multiple options and not only one brand so that we can offer the most competitive price with our “Done right, Priced Right” attitude. With brand option and style choices along with decades of experience in HVAC RKM technicians can handle you job quick, efficiently & precise from the crane, permit and inspectors.

  • Maytag
  • Carrier
  • York
  • ACpro
  • Samsung
  • Rheem
  • Lennox

Prevenative Maintenance

We understand the importance of your system working all year long. Customers will not shop in the heat, Productivity in the work place fall, all hurting the bottom line. Repairs almost are always unexpected and cost are not typically planned for, that’s why routine maintenance and cleaning are a necessary element in the life for your HVAC system. With multiple programs we have the right one for you.

Looking for just a filter maintenance without the cost of a tune up?

Owner of a property, and leasing out with your only responsibility is filter replacement?

RKM has the answer for you no matter the reason or just simply a budget, our technicians will arrive and replace all your filters. You only pay for the labor and the filters.

  • Low cost

Understanding that preventive maintenance is an important necessity to your system running all year long and lowering the chances of system breakdowns but still needing to watch your budget, bi annual maintenance will be a great fit. along with maintenance program we offer additional benefits for taking the effort of maintaining your HVAC system.

  • No Diagnostic charge when issues arise
  • Priority service over non maintenance customers
  • Discounts on repairs and other services
  • Discounts on equipment replacements
  • Condenser coil cleanings included
  • Full system checks
  • Free Adjustments and Tunings
  • Headache Free Maintenance, Bi Annual
  • Pleated filter replacement

Our most popular maintenance program. With commercial systems running more often than not and needed your HVAC to run at all times without down time and keeping costly repairs at bay this is the best choice for your long term budget and piece of mind

  • No Diagnostic charge when issues arise
  • Priority service over non maintenance customers
  • Discounts on repairs and other services
  • Discounts on equipment replacements
  • Condenser coil cleanings included
  • Full system checks
  • Free Adjustments and Tuning
  • Headache Free Maintenance, Quarterly Annual
  • Pleated filter replacement

Air Duct Cleaning

The health of your employees and the look and image you portray to you customer is large factor in how you are viewed and your clientele. Along with the health of your equipment and energy cost rising commercial air duct cleaning is an extremely import service to consider. Commercial units run more frequently than a typical house hold unit and collect a lot more debris, its is imperative that your system can breath and circulate the air so that can preform is job and keep you comfortable.

Indoor air quality is a huge concern in today’s built structures. Poor air quality can effect yours staff ability to work efficiently, raise absences and even lower productivity. fresh air is required in state of California to help with some of these issues ad windows typically cannot be opened on a commercial property. Along with build up of Chemicals, viruses, bacteria, odors and germs in the system can severally damage the companies ability to producee

RKM is an Indoor air quality certified company and can solve these issues

  • Filtration systems
  • Fresh Air systems
  • Germicidal UV Lights
  • Air Scrubbers
  • PCO
  • and more…….

Commercial Units run quite frequently and with this continued operation collects more dirt, debris and makes fore a unhealthy environment. along with the health concerns of your staff and possibly your customers, you HVAC system requires constant air flow to due its job. With the dirt build up your system must work harder, is less energy efficient , and system break downs accrue more often.

Do you need air duct cleaning?

  • Are your vents dirty?
  • Customers can see the dirt lines?
  • Air flow is weak?
  • Change filters quarterly?
  • High energy bills?

Our technicians will come out and do a FREE onsite evaluation of your property along with a custom built proposal on site

Commercial HVAC Design

RKM Heating and Air conditioning can help with your Project from start to finish. Our team can design, engineer, calculate air flow, duct sizing, energy efficiency and comfort. We fully under stand the entire HVAC system and can custom design a project or correct mistakes by others with ease. We understand the system in its entirety, ensuring the best possible Installation for your need.

Here are some of the service RKM Heating and Air Conditioning can preform:

  • Commercial Manuel j,s d Calculations form the ducting to equipment size & vent  CFM per room
  • HERS Testing for energy efficiency, duct leakage testing, Fan Watt Draw, CFM Testing, Charge verification
  • Installation of duct work, equipment and accessories for HVAC
  • HVAC Air Balancing to get the proper air flow to each space