From the RedLINK™ — compatible Prestige® IAQ to the connected Lyric Round™ that works seamlessly with your smartphone or tablet, you can count on Honeywell to keep you on the leading edge.

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 Whole-House Air Cleaners, High-Efficiency Electronic Air Cleaners, Media Air Cleaners, Return Grille Media Air Cleaners and Replacement Filters.


For applications from two zones to 32 zones, and products from panels to dampers to complete system kits, Honeywell is your single-source solution for zoning.

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Ultraviolet Treatment Systems

For one of the most simple and effective ways to improve indoor air quality, Honeywell has a complete offering of both Air (return) and Surface (coil) Ultraviolet Treatment Systems – to zap live airborne particles and surface mold that can otherwise thrive in duct systems and cooling coils.

Combustion Solutions

Now more than ever, there’s no need to clutter your stockroom or trucks with hundreds of low-use products or spend time scouring distributors for the exact model. The universal compatibility of many Honeywell residential products lets you meet your needs with just one brand. It only takes a few Honeywell models to replace hundreds of other units.